Why Stitch Fix is a waste of money.

I heard about Stitch Fix from a coworker after I complimented her on how coordinated her outfit was. She told me how all the clothes and accessories were personally picked out for her by the website Stitchfix.com

I read the so-so reviews, but I decided to sign up anyway to find out if this could work for me as well as I need a little more coordination in my life. I took the time to fill out the questionnaire to the best of my ability, gave them my credit card info and waited for my package to arrive.

Sadly, this is what I got:

stitch1 stitch

I had asked for simple to wear outfits to work – nothing see through or that needed to be layered, easy to put on, so no back zippers. I also wanted to keep prices low on all the items. They sent no items that matched this.

Everything was of cheap quality – yet too expensive for what they were charging. You could get better quality items at H&M or Forever 21 for less money.

The only item that may have worked was the cardigan but it had a diagonal zipper and it was just asking to get snagged on everything.

Stitch Fix claims to get better at picking your outfits every month by listening to the feedback you give them. However, you have to pay $20 per month just to give them that feedback. Since they didn’t listen to my requests the first time around, there was no way I was giving them a second chance.

Stitch Fix – only good if you like gambling…..and losing.


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