Every day’s a gift. It’s just… does it have to be a pair of socks? – Tony Soprano

Recently I found out that my 14 year old, twenty pound cat, Tony, has been marking in a certain spot. Of course he chose to do this on the edge of the carpet, on the hardwood floor, next to my photo albums. What is confusing is that this area is also next to where I keep their dry food. Why would a cat mark right next to his food?

Anyway, no one ever said I had smart cats. Since I can’t figure out why he has suddenly started to mark, I decided to just tape a wee wee pad over the area to at least catch the pee. I also moved the dry food to another location. For a bit he ignored the area….until last night. While sitting in my dining room, taking my midterm for a college course I am in, I noticed Tony across the room in an odd position. He wasn’t squatting to pee, but was standing and he had all four paws bunched together and was very focused….but on what, I thought. Then I realized! The little witch was spraying pee at the wee wee pad from over a foot away!

I remained sitting at my exam because I didn’t want to fail, but started yelling at him. TONY TONY TONY! Aaaaaaah! I could only stay glued to my chair and watch in horror as my yelling didn’t even phase him. Because I had to clear my testing area prior to the exam, I didn’t even have anything to throw at him. After he peed for the longest time, he finally just stretched out and started cleaning up the area like he had been standing in litter. My BAD CAT BAD CAT reprimands did nothing to upset him. He calmly finished his business and walked back into the bedroom to continue on with his catnap.

My test proctor then IMed me and asked if there was a dog in the room (since I had an open mic and video connection directly to him) as he laughed. I told him what had just happened and he was kind enough to offer to put the test on hold and let me clean the pee. I swear I must be the only person who had to interrupt a midterm to clean cat urine!

Do these things only happen to me?



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