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Peru Jungle Lodge – No lions, tigers or jaguars…oh my!

Boating in the dark

Boating in the dark

Day 3 of tour / Day 2 of Jungle Lodge – We had a 4am wake up call to go see birds and otters, but we didn’t see any otters.

So lush!

So lush!

IMG_0270 (Small)

We sat around in the boat for a long time and barely saw any birds but it was a pleasant trip anyway.

On the hike back, we saw a ton of monkeys and got some awesome pictures. They were everywhere and were so close to us.

IMG_0408 (Large) IMG_0338 (Large) IMG_0420 (Large) IMG_0437 (Large)

Back at the lodge, we had a snack of bread and cheese rolls, and then we went on a hike to the lake where we saw a ton of Macaws. We had to sit in a hut and look thru these tiny windows and be really quiet, but it was really awesome.

IMG_0471 (Large)

IMG_0524 (Large)IMG_0442 (Small)
IMG_0546 (Large) IMG_0482 (Large)

IMG_0580 (Small)Afterwards, we had an afternoon snooze, then headed out to see the medicine man via hike and boat. It was slightly interesting, nothing exciting. The rain poured down on us but even though most of us had ourIMG_0571 (Small) ponchos, we still got pretty wet. We learned about how they find these leaves and bark and cook them for different lengths of time and they supposedly cure different diseases or things. We got to try three different medicines – one to make you happy and see crazy things, one to cure or prevent cancer and one to make you either horny or work like Viagra. Go figure!

IMG_0584 (Small) On the way back via boat we saw a double rainbow in one direction and then a beautiful sunset in the other. We got rained out of a night hike so hung out and had a few IMG_0590 (Small)drinks instead. Unfortunately, the Contiki tour group arrived to the lodge that same day so our quiet time was interrupted by crazy young people – when did I get old???

Life……..it’s all about the pictures!

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