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DIY Gumball Machine Costume for Pregnant Women

Making a gumball machine costume for a pregnant woman is super easy.

Supplies you will need:
White shirt
Red beret
Short red A-line skirt
Pom-poms – at least 1 inch (200 – 400 depending on size of belly)
Hot glue
Tin foil
File folder or other thin cardboard
Black construction paper

To start, you’ll need to find a pregnant woman and have her throw on the white shirt. Using a pencil lightly trace her belly, so you’ll know where to glue the pom-poms. You’ll want to be able to erase this line later on or cover it with the pom-poms.


Once you have the circle, lay the shirt flat on a table. Arrange your pom-poms in the circle to make sure you have enough to cover the surface area. They should be close together with no shirt showing through. If you don’t have enough to cover the whole area, you can glue on some construction paper first to help hide the gaps. I only used 200 1 inch pom-poms but should have used at least 100 more.



Once you have determined that you have enough pom-poms, go ahead and remove them and fire up that hot glue gun. Apply the glue to small portions of the shirt and stick a few pom-poms on at a time. Don’t try to rush and apply too much glue at once because it will just dry before you can attach the pom-poms.

Be sure to spread your colors around so you don’t have too many color clusters.

shirt t

Once that’s done, you’ll want to cut out a 6 inch by 8 inch rectangle from your file folder and wrap it in tin foil.


Using black construction paper, you can create the dial by drawing a 1 inch circle (or tracing it like I did because I have no artistic ability whatsoever) and then simply adding a rectangle on either side.

For the 25 cent section, I simply cut out a 25 from the black construction paper and glued it onto a white square. Do the same for the black square. Easy peasy!

To attach the cardboard to the skirt, I simply fastened it with two safety pins at the top as I did not want to ruin the super cute skirt. 🙂

Now go ahead and throw on the shirt and skirt and top it off with the beret.

blog pic

Bam! You are now a gumball machine!