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How Verizon scammed me yet again

Now perhaps I don’t pay as much attention to my cell phone bill as I should, but I feel taken advantage of and you might too. However, maybe this isn’t so much about getting scammed by Verizon but NY State and its high taxes.

Several years ago I moved from NY to NJ and transferred my Verizon family cell phone plan to my new NJ address. What I didn’t realize was that I was supposed to transfer each line on my plan to that address as well in order to pay the appropriate taxes (not that I realized that I was paying state specific taxes to begin with!). Because I didn’t make that change until I read this siteNY has gotten way more of my money than it should have.

Now a few dollars a month doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal, but when you add it up over time, those dollars morph into an amount that could have been spent on a nice vacation or to even make a mortgage payment! I guess this isn’t a scam as much as a “It would have been nice if Verizon would have suggested making the address change for all lines.” or “I feel Verizon isn’t doing its customers any favors.” or “Verizon dropped the ball yet again.” OR “I wish I had the time and patience to scrutinize every little thing that I do or pay, etc. and I hate when it bites me in the ass!” 🙂

So, everyone, do your homework. Make sure you are paying the correct amount on your bills. Read the fine print and tell your friends who don’t. Heck, they may even treat you to a free meal once they realize how much money you’ve saved them!

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