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Quick rant regarding Cablevision / Optimum Online

Today, I ended up going off on an undeserving customer service rep, but after 3 calls in one day, I had enough.

I recently purchased internet from Optimum – perhaps two months ago. In that 2 months, they have called me repeatedly for no reason. Mostly to ask me how my service is…..if my service wasn’t working, I would call them. Also, they like to tell me that if I plan to move they can offer me great services because of my great credit. Um, if I was moving, I would call them!

I have repeatedly asked them to not call me, to remove my number from all lists (it doesn’t show on their website under my profile). I have tweeted them, reported them to the do not call list, and yet they keep calling.

If you choose to sign up with this harassers, you may want to give them a throw away Google voice number that you can disconnect after initial install.