Administrative Professionals’ Day………here we go again!

Administrative-AsistantSo here we are again, Administrative Professionals’ Day. Whoop de do. I am currently working for a small company where I am the only Executive Assistant. Do I throw myself a party? Do I care?
The answer to both is NO! I still haven’t spent the Spa gift card I received last year which shows how bad people are at picking out gifts. Yes, yes. I appreciate the thought. Very nice that HR felt obligated to purchase things for their EA staff, but I feel if it isn’t coming from the heart and direct from the person I work for, then don’t bother unless you are handing me cold hard cash……..then I’ll appreciate the gesture at any time!
Anyway, I thought I would repost my previous blogs for this week in hopes that we can all be the best Admins we could possibly be!

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