Confessions from a former stalker

Have you ever found someone from your past on the Internet? Or, have they ever just randomly popped back into your life? Is it ever a good experience?

For me, there is maybe one person that I’ve reconnected with over the years (thanks, Facebook!) that I feel is a good addition to my life. Mostly, if I read someone’s profile or hear about them through the grapevine, my reaction is not a good one. Lots of times people don’t turn out to be the people that you thought they would be.

When looking up (or stalking) an ex, what do you want to find? Even if you are just curious about a person and don’t want to be with them, the outcome is rarely ideal. If they are with someone new and that person seems great, you wonder how a loser snagged a winner. If they are alone and you wanted them to truly have a nice life, then you feel bad.

If you reunite with someone who wasn’t very nice to you in school and find out that they live a perfect life, are you the bigger person and feel happy for them? Or, are you frustrated at the lack of karma in life? If you are unhappy that they are living a great life, do you then feel upset with yourself that you aren’t the bigger person?

See! There is just no way for you to be happy by stalking people. So stop! Right now! Okay, I’m kidding; go ahead and Google that ex. At the very least you can be happy that you don’t have to deal with any of his/her crap anymore 🙂

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One thought on “Confessions from a former stalker

  1. Honestly i would love to see they are the same losers they were in highschool just fatter and working a minimum wage job.

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