Executive Assistant tips and tricks – week long series

Day three of my week-long blog giving everyone a few tips and tricks on how to be a better assistant. If you have any tips, please add them to the comments section.

First off……Happy Admin Day!

Today’s tips are regarding business travel:

  • Make note of your boss’ preferences (aisle seat, king bed, no overnight flights). This will enable you to make decisions quickly and correctly.
  • When preparing your boss’ travel itinerary, put information in the calendar but also on paper – electronics die and you don’t want your boss to be stuck in the middle of Mumbai with no cell phone service and no clue where his/her hotel is.
  • On that same string of thought, make sure there is a local contact on the other side of the trip. It is nice to be able to contact someone easily in your same time zone. Also is helpful when they need to print something and don’t have access to local printers or WiFi.
  • When you make travel arrangements and put it in the calendar, attach the invoice to the entry. This allows for quick access to the official reservation when in a jam.
  • Make sure the travel agencies have and use your boss’ frequent flier and hotel numbers.
  • Do your homework prior to contacting the travel agency. Know what times flights are available so that you can make the best informed decision.
  • Ask the local office if they have a recommended hotel to stay at. Sometimes they know something neither the travel agent or the Internet can tell you.

Contrary to what some people believe, business travel is rarely fun. It takes executives away from their family and friends and puts wear and tear on their body. Making their trip as seamless as possible will allow them to get there and back with as little stress as possible – which means they should be happier the next time you see them in the office!



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