Shakeology: It’s just too much!

I have been using Shakeology for over a year now and I don’t see any results. Now I will add a disclaimer: I don’t work out with any of their exercise programs and only work out about twice a week. I drink their shakes 5 days a week though and by their claims, I should be feeling healthier and better………well, I don’t.

Overall, I eat a pretty balanced diet. I am not a snacker and I rarely eat fast food. I mainly use the shakes as an easy breakfast. I make five at a time so that I can grab and drink on the way to work. For this, it is convenient. For the price, it’s not worth it. By the time you add the milk (preferably a more expensive milk like Almond or Rice milk), banana and peanut butter, it averages around $5 per shake. Now, I don’t know about you, but $5 for breakfast is too much for me.

Also, because I don’t use Shakeology every single day and don’t use it in baking treats or other foods, I have a lot left over at the end of the month. I have even given away bags to my family and still cannot keep up with how much Shakeology they send. This is actually my biggest issue with the the system. There should be an option to receive a package every 6 weeks or every other month. They claim that they want you to be healthier, but in reality, like most for-profit companies, they just want your money.shake

I also don’t agree with their pricing program. Because it is basically a pyramid in how the system works, I joined as a coach to help a friend get higher in his pyramid (you also end up saving money per month on the bags). However, when you postpone shipments, you still have to pay the coach fee; otherwise, you have to cancel and lose your place in the pyramid. This affects other people’s rank as well. I did have an easy time canceling the shipments via chat…… Only took two minutes and no one tried to persuade me to stick with it.

Overall, the shakes can be delicious and convenient and if you have someone in your home to share the product with, then they can be a great product to use. If you join with the intent of using their fitness programs and going hard core to get in shape, then I recommend this program. Join as a coach and save some money (and possibly make some money as well).

Hey, if you decide to join, I would also recommend my coach. He is a great person who really believes in Shakeology as a way of life. Following him will give you great tricks and tips to get in shape. Message me for details! 🙂

For me, the price and system just wasn’t worth it. Perhaps when I finally get through the six extra bags that are sitting in my pantry, I will rejoin. Until then, it was nice knowing you, Shakeology!   shake scoop


PS    To cancel being a coach was a bit more difficult. I had to go back and forth with a chat rep. Here is how to cancel your coach membership without dealing with their archaic system of hunting down a form, printing and either faxing or emailing it back to them.

Send an email to:    Include:


Coach ID #:


Up-line (Sponsor):

A brief reason for cancellation:


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