Directions to Natural Bridge Park, Alabama – Thanks Google!

Did y’all know that if you find an error while using Google Maps, you can simply let them know about it and they will fix it?

Well, it seems that for years Natural Bridge Park in Alabama has had visitors driving in circles trying to find it.  I mentioned it to the workers there, and they said they had been trying to get it fixed for years but nothing worked.

Well alas they met me, I contacted Google, and from now on you should be able to find the park with ease. These are the new and correct directions from the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama to the Natural Bridge Park.

Ultimately, the directions now lead you to the actual road that Natural Bridge Park is located on. Hopefully you will be able to locate it with more ease than we did (we had to call and ask directions!).

You’re welcome 🙂

PS: Check out the reviews as well.

Much prettier when the trees are green

Much prettier when the trees are green



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