Turn Your Galaxy S4 into a real camera

How come I haven’t been able to find how to change the camera shutter-release button on my Galaxy s4 on the Internet? I would think that would be a hot topic. Anyway, I finally found it on my own……

When in camera mode, click the gear icon on the right hand side, then click the gear icon again on the top right. From there you can change the volume key settings from being zoom to being the shutter-release button. Of course, then you have to use your squishy fingers to change the zoom on the picture, but for me, I use that feature much less often than clicking the actual “take a picture” button.

I also just noticed the little drop down v button that appears either on the left side or top depending on which way you hold the phone. This allows you to quickly change the type of picture you want – like sepia, black & white, cartoon, etc.

Also, I noticed the mode button, which is very obvious to me now. It allows you to change the shutter speed of the camera quickly with preset modes like a real camera (sports, drama, animated, etc.). It also has neat things that I haven’t tried yet, like put the best face in photos, beauty face which supposedly enhances portraits, panorama which the iPhone has had forever, eraser which removes moving objects from photos.

Hope these tips are helpful to anyone who hasn’t taken the time to really figure out their phone and might have been wondering as well.


2 thoughts on “Turn Your Galaxy S4 into a real camera

  1. Hi there I actually tried this and the feature for changing the speed does not show. It just zooms in.

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