Quick rant about my dentist

So earlier this week I had the issue with Cablevision calling me after I repeatedly asked them to stop. Yesterday I had the same issue with my dentist. I have only seen this dentist one time but I really liked him. I intended to continue using him for teeth services; however, I have received at least one call a month from them reminding me to schedule my next cleaning.

I have asked them to remove me from their call list at least twice. At first I didn’t have insurance, so I was unable to bother with my teeth (fortunately, I have pretty good teeth!). I told them that fact and said I would call when I got insurance. But nooooo, that wasn’t good enough for them. The at least once monthly calls started. At first I was polite and said I would call when I was ready, but now they called me again and after my Cablevision issue, that poor boy on the phone got an earful.

I feel slightly bad, but I’m really tempted to not use them as my dentist anymore. GRRRR!

Note to businesses: Don’t piss off your clients if you want to keep them.

BTW all the calls were in addition to the emails I got from them as well. Very frustrating!


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