Machu Picchu!!

IMG_1154_SmallThe ninth day of this trip finally got me to Machu Picchu which is the only reason anyone really goes to Peru! What really stood out to me about MP is that hardly anything is roped off.

Perfect relief spot - on the way to the Inka Bridge entrance

Perfect relief spot – on the way to the Inka Bridge entrance

Just like in Egypt, you can touch whatever you want (even though you shouldn’t) and you can even manage to pop a squat in a semi-secluded area without getting caught by the guards! (Note to Peru: you really should put one bathroom somewhere in MP – perhaps by the entrance of the Huayna/Wayna Picchu) Another side note: I can understand the logic of not putting in a bathroom that would destroy historic land and also that if you have to pee, you will leave MP and free up space for other visitors, but come on! Have some humanity! 🙂




Even llamas tour MP!

I definitely advise getting on that first 5:30am bus to MP. If you go later in the morning, you will miss out on the typical tourist pictures that you know you want to get. Also be aware of the outdoor café at the base of MP; count your change and demand service. They seem to be slackers and thieves.

As for MP itself, of course it is amazing. When you first get there, the hike is up a ton of stairs. The rest of MP is completely manageable. The views are worth it. This is the first tourist pic you will get when you climb up most of the stairs from the entrance.IMG_1047_Small



Chinchilla....I think

Chinchilla….I think



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