First day in the Jungle – Posada Amazonas

Day two of the tour was really the first day of our Peru adventure – we trekked to the amazon jungle. First via plane from Lima to Cusco then Puerto Maldonado.

Interesting facts: you can bring whatever liquid you want on Peru domestic flights and you don’t have to take off your shoes or take

Martini Glass!

Martini Glass!

your laptop out of your bag. You board outside using a stairway to the plane. The flight gives you a delicious sandwich even though the flight was only an hour and then candy on the second 30 minute leg of the trip. For a view of the mountains, sit on the right side of the plane and you’ll also be able to see a martini glass that has been carved into the grass on the mountainside. It was a bumpy and foggy ride with only 150 seats on board. When landing it appears that you are about to land in the middle of the jungle.IMG_0118 (Small)

Next we got on another bus to the Posada office where we switched our big luggage to our little bags and left our big luggage behind. We just needed clothes and items for 2 days in the jungle – flashlights, toiletries, sandals, poncho and bug spray. All of which I got used in the few hours of being there!

After another trek on a bus and canoe, we carried our luggage uphill for 10 minutes. There’s no need to bring soap or shampoo as they ask you use their free eco-friendly supplies. You also don’t need hiking shoes because they supply giant waterproof boots.

They have Wi-Fi and electricity but only in the lobby and dining room from 1-2 pm and 5-9 pm. It’s a nice touch to have that luxury. They also have netting over the beds which they set up for you when you are away. My netbook also fit in the safe in the room so that rocked. There are no doors or windows and candles supply light. Just curtains but we also had a hammock in the room but because of the bugs, it wasn’t always comfortable to use. Warm showers topped off the amenities of the room.

IMG_0196 (Small)

Looks scarier in person

After settling into the lodge, we promptly went on a hike. We saw lots of interesting trees and even found Brazil nuts to crack open and eat. We climbed some random man-made tower that was super high and nerve-wracking, but when you got to the top, the view was amazing, and it wasn’t so scary anymore. It started to rain as we hiked but that’s what the ponchos were for!IMG_0197 (Small)

IMG_0211 (Small)

View straight down from the top

View from the top

View from the top








Dinner was good – lasagna, salad and pumpkin soup, some flan for dessert but it was weird and I didn’t like it. Drinks were good and were reasonably priced. The sounds of nature were amazing but it was quite warm in the bug netted bed. I’ll take hot over bugs any day, though!


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