Being unemployed has its perks. I am about to embark on a 2 week tour of Peru with Intrepid Travel. I know Peru is one of the easiest countries to travel without a tour company, but I am being lazy. I don’t want to have to think about Rockland Luggage Vision Polycarbonate Three-Piece Luggage Set (bought from Amazon)what to do next or where I’m staying or how I’m getting there. If I was traveling with someone, I would plan an awesome itinerary, but just for me, I would rather just plod along with a small group and get the most out of my time there.

I am determined to pack for 2.5 weeks in a carry-on bag – not that I can actually carry it on because of all the liquids I am bringing, but I hate over packing. I also will bring a backpack for hiking Machu Picchu and a small messenger bag to carry my netbook and magazines on the plan

packing list4Normally for this short of a trip I wouldn’t pack so many clothes, but because Peru has very varied weather, I am trying to plan for outfits I can layer. The temperature is going to go from a high of 85F in Lima and the Amazon Jungle to a low of 40 at MP and Puno. I am also concerned with getting clothes very dirty in the jungle and at MP. I have no issues with wearing my clothes over and over (why I bring Febreze) but if the clothes get wet and muddy, then I want to be able to have an alternative outfit.

Most people will also say “why bring your laptop?”. I am bringing it because I like to journal my experiences along the way (I also bring a small pad of paper and pen for when I just want to jot something down) and I like to backup my photos as I go. I am very paranoid about losing memory cards or even the camera itself. I love looking back on my pictures later as I have a terrible memory, so losing pictures would be a big heartbreak for me.

I also get questioned on why I bring physical magazines with me….well, I like to read them and then leave them behind for others – either flight attendants, other travelers, or even people in the country I am visiting. Most people that I’ve met in other countries really love to read American magazines. They love the gossip and tips and they also use it to help them learn English.

For other downtime, I have movies and TV Shows on my laptop and phone and also use the Kindle app to download free books. I rarely get to use all of these things I prepare, but I like knowing that if there is a flight delay, I am prepared to occupy myself.

I currently use MetroPCS as a cell phone service provider. They don’t have service in Peru (and barely anywhere else for that matter!) so I downloaded an app (Sipdroid) that will allow me to make calls via Wifi if need be. Normally, I don’t call home to check in but I do like to send emails just to confirm I am okay and give my mother peace of mind.

Lastly, I also like to exchange money while I am here in the US. The convenience of arriving in a country and not having to worry that a taxi will not take US dollars is amazing. I hate arriving somewhere (for Peru it will be at 10pm) and having to find an ATM or a money exchange at the airport. I want to just get off the plane, hope to find my luggage, and go!

Stay tuned for updates along the way………….


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