Cleaning of Fluval 305 Hoses

Today, I cleaned the hoses to my Fluval 305 for the first time under running water in the tub. This is a third of what came out.  It was so


gross; it looked like giant turds (which I guess it probably was turtle turds). What I’m holding is the hard hose part of the Fluval so you can see how long the one turd is. There were at least 2 more of that size that I got rid of prior to taking the picture.

At first it was really hard to get anything out of the hoses, so I soaked them in hot water in the tub for a while. In order to get all of that out, I had to disconnect them from the curved pieces that hold them onto the aquarium.

Overall, it was the grossest cleaning experience I have had but my tank will now be the cleanest it has been in many years. I have no idea how the filter was even getting any water in or out. YUCK!



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