Random Pet Tip – Water Fountains

Because I have so many pets, I found myself constantly filling water bowls. Sometimes I would even find that they drank all the water I left out for them and I would feel like a terrible mom. Finally I found the Drinkwell Platinum water fountain. I had tried fountains in the past and always found them to be too noisy – my pets wouldn’t even go near them. The fountain from Drinkwell is very quiet and has a large reserve tank so I only have to deal with it once a week or so. I keep a couple of extra water bowls around the house so everyone can drink water whenever they like, but the Drinkwell seems to be their favorite spot. I also buy the filters online so they aren’t very expensive and I don’t change them as often as they recommend. The water remains clear and tasty and I have one less daily chore….win-win!



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