Random Pet Tip – Cat Puke

If you own a cat, you probably have come home to find puke on the bed. This obviously is never a fun thing to have to deal with. Having to strip all of your sheets down to the mattress and put new ones on is never ideal when you just want to fall into bed and go to sleep. Well, I have found a solution for this! Just put a plastic drop cloth on top of your sheets. Because I know how much my cats like to sleep on my bed, I put another sheet on top of the plastic that they can lay on. This way, my cats are happy and I am happy that when they puke on the bed, I only have to clean one sheet and I get to go to sleep at a normal hour. Having an extra sheet and plastic on the bed also enables you to sleep without being covered in fur. 🙂

Cheesy Cat si3756d


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